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The Saskatoon Community Clinic is a primary health care service provider.  Its vision of healthy people in a healthy community is based upon the core values of:

  • Collaboration – Our community’s health needs are best met by active collaboration between people, health care providers and partnering organizations.
  • Accountability – As a publicly-funded organization we are accountable for the effective use of resources and we are committed to sustaining a strong co-operative for the future.
  • Respect – All people are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Engagement – People are engaged in decisions about our services and empowered to support their own health.
  • Equity – A healthy, just and vibrant community is created when everyone’s health and social needs are met.

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Foundation Feature Story

Giving Honours a Couple’s Lifetime of Commitment and Care

In 1962, when Isobel Jones and husband Gren made their first trip from Watrous to the Saskatoon Community Clinic, they couldn’t have imagined that 55 years later Isobel would still be a patient at the Clinic and that Gren would be a committed member until his passing in 1992.

In spite of living in Watrous, where there were doctors, over the years the couple made the trek to the Community Clinic in Saskatoon whenever they needed care.  Even after she was on her own, Isobel continued doing so until finally moving to the city just five years ago.

Isobel says it was Gren’s commitment to co-operatives and her family’s support of that philosophy that was the impetus for that first trip from Watrous.

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