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2020 Influenza Immunization Options

2020 AGM Meeting Package and Annual Report

Please click here to access the 2020 AGM Meeting Package (including the agenda, minutes of the last meeting, financial statements, and candidate statements).

Click here to access the 2019-20 Annual Report.

2020 Virtual AGM

Due to COVID-19 social gathering restrictions the 2020 AGM will be held virtually on September 29th at 6:30 p.m.

You must pre-register by September 22nd.

 Email agm@communityclinic.ca

or phone (306) 664-4265

Your membership status will be confirmed and a confirmation email will be sent to you with the meeting information.

The AGM will include elections for three Board members and one Communications Committee member.

If you are interested in running click here for a candidates’ package, or contact the Board secretary at (306) 664-4240 for more information.

2020 AGM Nominations

Nominations are now being taken for the 2020 Board of Directors and Communications Committee elections. If you are interested in standing for election please review and complete the Candidates Package.

Thank you for your interest.

New! Appointment Reminders

Upon booking an appointment with our Downtown Clinic physicians, NPs and counsellors, patients will now receive an automated reminder in three ways—text, email and phone call.  You will be prompted to either confirm or cancel your appointment.  If you do not want a reminder, you must choose to opt out by informing the receptionist each time you book an appointment.

COVID-19 Fact Sheets Available in 30+ Languages

Health Literacy Project, in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing, creates and translates COVID-19 information into different languages to help all patients know when, and how, to seek care. Information is reviewed by physicians and medical school faculty members at the Harvard hospitals and is freely available for download and distribution without copyright restrictions. https://covid19healthliteracyproject.com

Join the Recovery For All Campaign

Recovery for All is a national advocacy campaign asking Canadians to encourage the federal government to invest in housing, homelessness and income support to end homelessness in Canada once and for all. Join us in signing up for the campaign and encourage others to do so here.

COVID-19 and Face Coverings

In accordance with Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines, if you are having to visit the Community Clinic you are required to wear a mask or face covering for your own protection and the protection of others, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Cloth masks are available upon arrival for use while visiting the Clinic.  Please note, however, that for some clinical services and procedures, wearing a surgical mask will be mandatory and will be given to you upon arrival.

Emerging information regarding pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission, and wearing a mask—even if you have no symptoms―is an additional measure you can take to try to protect others around you.  A mask may also make you feel safer and minimize the touching of your nose and mouth.

Wearing a non-medical mask when in public or other settings is not a replacement for proven measures such as hand washing and physical distancing.

Non-medical masks or facial coverings should not be placed on young children under age 2, anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

A pattern for making your own homemade mask can be found here.

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