When Michael Rohatynsky and Liz Quinlan began giving to the Saskatoon Community Clinic they did so because they believed in the aims of the Community Clinic.  After fifteen years, the couple remain strong advocates of adequately funded, high-quality, compassionate, accessible health care.

“We believe in the Clinic’s philosophy of care” says Michael.  “Plus, there’s a wide range of services available at the Clinic, from doctor exams to nursing visits, the on-site lab and pharmacy, as well as physiotherapy and foot care, counselling, and initiatives for seniors, and they help promote wellness in our community.”

In particular, the couple recalls the care that Michael received after a recent heart attack.  They feel that his recovery can be partially credited to the attentiveness of the nursing staff at the Clinic.

Michael and Liz give what they can to support the Community Clinic, through the Foundation, to help ensure that funds are available when needed to support innovations at the Clinic and to provide items not covered by other funding sources such as government.  They utilize the Foundations monthly giving plan – a convenient way to donate (see below).

The couple encourages others to give also.  “Everyone’s contributions support community-based co-operative health care, and, for us,” Michael says, “giving has been good for our health and our hearts!”

The Saskatoon Community Clinic Foundation Inc. is a registered charity and donations are tax-deductible.