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Community Health Services (Saskatoon) Association was founded in 1962 by pro-medicare doctors and citizens. The Association sponsors the Saskatoon Community Clinic. It is one of five similar Associations in Saskatchewan united under the Community Health Co-operative Federation.

The Community Health Services (Saskatoon) Association has approximately 5500 member households representing close to 10000 adult members. Most members live in Saskatoon and the surrounding rural areas.

Close to one hundred and fifty staff are employed by the Association.  They work out of three sites located on 2nd Avenue, 1st Avenue, and 20th Street West in Saskatoon. The Clinic also provides physician and laboratory services to the Delisle Community Health and Social Centre.

The Clinic's annual operating budget is approximately $9.2 million, the majority of which comes from Saskatchewan Health. Additional funds are received from other government sources, fee-for-service, and member fees. Some Clinic programs are also funded through donations received through the Saskatoon Community Clinic Foundation.

The Saskatoon Community Clinic Foundation, founded in 1968, is a registered charity established to provide funds for health research, the provision of new programs at the Community Clinic and support for new and innovative projects.

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