In 1962, when Isobel Jones and husband Gren made their first trip from Watrous to the Saskatoon Community Clinic, they couldn’t have imagined that 55 years later Isobel would still be a patient at the Clinic and that Gren would be a committed member until his passing in 1992.

In spite of living in Watrous, where there were doctors, over the years the couple made the trek to the Community Clinic in Saskatoon whenever they needed care.  Even after she was on her own, Isobel continued doing so until finally moving to the city just five years ago.

Isobel says it was Gren’s commitment to co-operatives and her family’s support of that philosophy that was the impetus for that first trip from Watrous.  “Medicare was being introduced to the province and we were strong believers,” she says.  “The Watrous doctors were part of the ‘Keep Our Doctors’ movement opposing Medicare.  So, when we heard about the Community Clinic, we voted with our feet.”

Today, Isobel lives at McClure Place, where the perennial beds have been the beneficiary of her interest and skill.  She proudly shows off the work that she and the rest of the gardening team have done.  Visiting her personal gardening plot, Isobel beams over her tomatoes and the talks about changes she’ll make next season.

As she checks on the watering of her plants, it comes to mind that, just as in the garden, Isobel’s giving to the Community Clinic ensures that it is also nourished with resources it needs to remain healthy.

Back in her condo, Isobel brings out a photo of Gren, the husband she still loves dearly.  “I give to the Community Clinic because it connects me with him.  We both received excellent care at the Clinic.  I can’t think of a better way to honour him and show appreciation than by making this gift each year.”

Isobel emphasizes how simple it is to give.  “The folks at the Clinic helped me set up a plan; now I don’t have to do a thing.  A small amount goes from my account to the Saskatoon Community Clinic Foundation each month; I can budget easily and get just one tax receipt at the end of the year.”

Looking back, Isobel says, “We never regretted our decision to travel from Watrous to join the Clinic.  Over the years, the trips were long at times, but our road would have been a lot rougher without the thoughtful care we received from the Community Clinic when we arrived.”

The Saskatoon Community Clinic Foundation Inc. is a registered charity and donations are tax-deductible.