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The Saskatoon Community Clinic is a primary health care service provider.  Its vision of healthy people in a healthy community is based upon the core values of:

  • Collaboration – Our community’s health needs are best met by active collaboration between people, health care providers and partnering organizations.
  • Accountability – As a publicly-funded organization we are accountable for the effective use of resources and we are committed to sustaining a strong co-operative for the future.
  • Engagement – People are engaged in decisions about our services and empowered to support their own health.
  • Equity – A healthy, just, and vibrant community is created when everyone’s health and social needs are met.
  • People Centered – We are respectful of, and responsive to individuals and communities.

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Foundation Feature Story



A simple, new screening tool for hearing is helping improve the future for young lives. Through your generosity to the Saskatoon Community Clinic Foundation, Ryder and other toddlers visiting the SWITCH (Students Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health) program at the Westside Clinic are now screened for hearing loss with a new OAE (otoacoustic emissions) device.

Replacing a steno chair with a dedicated x-ray one makes a difference in radiology. Donations to the Foundation made it possible to purchase a new, dedicated Ergo XR chair for the Department. “Now, we can position patients safely and then lock the chair in place,” Loretta says. “It is much easier for everyone, espe­cially when the patient has other difficulties too.

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