National Pharmacare Resolution Passed at AGM

Be it resolved that the Saskatoon Community Clinic indicate its support for a universal, national, single-payer Pharmacare program and communicate that support to the Federal Government.

Moved by Stan Rice/Seconded by Diane Ewert/CARRIED


Whereas 90% of Canadians support the implementation of a National Pharmacare program;

Whereas the implementation of a National Pharmacare program has been endorsed and recommended by the all-party House of Commons Standing Committee on Health (April 18, 2018);

Whereas Canada is the only country with a universal healthcare system that does not include universal access to prescription drugs;

Whereas Canadians pay more for prescription drugs than most other industrialized countries;

Whereas one in ten Canadians cannot afford the drugs they are prescribed;

Whereas we need to force the pharmaceutical companies to have competitive pricing on prescription drugs;

Whereas a single-payers system would reduce prescription drug costs by 6%;

Whereas a national universal Pharmacare program would improve safety, quality and efficacy of the drugs we use;

Whereas pharmaceutical companies have not lived up to the previous commitments to increase research in Canada;